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Configure 3rd Party Libraries for Testing

Testing a component that is built using a third-party component library can require additional setup steps in each test to ensure that the third-party components work correctly in a test context.

For example, if a third-party component requires services to be registered in production code, it is likely that this is needed in a test context as well. See the Injecting services into components under test page for more info on this.

Similarly, if a root component is needed to provide cascading values to the third-party components, that is likely to be needed as well. For more on this, see the Passing parameters to components page.

bUnit Friendly Component Libraries

This section contains a table of third-party component libraries that are known for allowing their users to test their components with bUnit. If additional setup or configuration is needed, a link is provided to the component library's own documentation which shows how to test a component that uses components from the library.

Component Library bUnit compatibility notes Test context setup guide
Telerik UI for Blazor Feedback is appreciated Telerik Grid Setup

If you are a Blazor component vendor and have instructions on how to setup a bUnit test context for testing components that use your components, please add a link to your documentation and component library to the table above.

Just submit a pull-request to this page with the relevant links added, share the relevant links in bUnit's gitter chat, or add an issue on bUnit's github page with the relevant links.

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